Program yang Menarik..!!

Musim batuk, selsema, demam,...penyebaran penyakit denggi semakin berleluasa,.. baru-baru ni Dato' Seri Liow Tiong Lai dah gazette kan satu law untuk halang perkara ni dari semakin menjadi-jadi.. sesiapa yang didapati ada mem'BIAK'kan jentik-jentik 
di kawasan rumah mereka akan dikenakan KOMPAUN sebanyak 500MYR..
Sekian isu semasa dari saya.

Berbalik kepada tajuk kita pada hari ini..

Just to share with you guys..

There's an interesting program here that i would like to encourage your participation (if you're in MALAYSIA).

 Highly recommendable for those who are going to FLY to overseas. but the locals can join unquestionably.

Learning will just never stop until we DIE.

and this program named FCR which stands for Friendly Comparative Religion.

it comprises of 3 phase in all. and we can opt to either attend the seminar in English or in our own primary language.

BUT why is attending this is encourageable???

it's just that...think for yourself..

"the name said it all"

p/s: i'll inform if there's any updates from the program..chill!

Aal iz Well,

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

ALEJANDRO=defender and protector of man(GOD).
FERNANDO=ardent for peace and bravery(JESUS).
ROBERTO=bright and shining(HOLY SPIRIT).
Incorporated this into the lyrics:
“Don’t call my name don’t call my name Alejandro(God)”
“I’m not your Babe (child) I’m not your Babe (child)Fernando(Jesus)”
“Don’t call my name don’t call my name Roberto(Holy Spirit)”
In the Bible, the word “Babe” is used in place of “child”. Exodus 2:6