Their Kingdom is not of Lands and Countries, but of Hearts and Spirits

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.

Here's something that I would like to share with you, especially who is full-heartedly embraces to Islam. ^_^ This is about our beloved prophets, esp.Muhammad p.b.u.h.
Here it is...


Wherever you come across compassion and justice and a sincere desire to alleviate the sufferings of the poor and the downtrodden, no matter whether these are found in a cave of a mountain or a dense forest or a populous city, they are due to the call given by one of these men of God.

The Quran tells us…

“…there was no nation but a Warner has passed among them.”
(Fatir, 35:24)

The luster of their teachings is to be found in every country and nation. Of all the groups of men, the most august are they, for their rule not over the bodies of men like the kings, but their authority enshrined in the hearts of the people. Their kingdom is not of land and countries, but of hearts and spirits:

• they do not wield the sword, yet they obliterate the stains of guilt at one stroke • they are not dreamy-eyed song-smiths, yet the sweetness of their speech delights the soul • they are neither senators nor a law-makers, yet the law given by them regulate the conduct of statesmen

Let’s reflects the history of the men other than the Islamic leaderships. The Holy Quran has told us, by the words of the Queen of Sheeba, how they appeared on the stage of this world…

“…Lo! Kings, when they enter a township, ruin it and make the honour of its people shame…”

• The swords of mighty kings have hanged over the heads of criminals, but they have failed to reach the guilt concealed in the minds and hearts of men. • They have enforced law in townships, but the kingdom of spirit have ever been beyond their reach • How many lawgivers has the world seen from Solon to this day? Their laws were not only short-lived but also failed to cleanse the hearts and purify the morals • The rulers always placed a new set of laws, though more often to further their own interest then to enforce the rules of equity • The legislatures make and unmake laws endlessly, but seldom their labours are for the benefit of the people whom they profess to represent
What else have the kings like Alexender and Ceasars left for us? These are, broadly, the higher sections of society which could be expected to work to the welfare of humanity.

If you give further thought to the matter, you would see that whatever light of goodness and virtue you find in the world today, it owes its existence to the pure-hearted souls whom you know by the names of prophets and messenger of God^_^

~refered to Muhammad the Ideal Prophet by Saiyid Sulayman Nadwi

This is not a question of faith or conviction but a matter of fact and history.
Last but not least, due to the anniversary of Maulidurrasul (of Muhammad pbuh), 12 Rabi’ul Awal 1431H, let's raise our solawat 'ala Rasulillah p.b.u.h.^_^ may ALLAH bless us here and hereafter.



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